FOCUSED FRIDAY | 005. break it down


"Once I envision where I’m going, then I can tell what I don’t need." -TD Jakes

Hello everyone!

Hope you had a beautiful Friday today ❤️ ❤️

Okay today getting down to the nitty gritty!! So let's get started.

Wealth gained quickly will dwindle away, but the one who gathers it little by little will become rich. -Proverbs 13:11

Here’s a revelation that was actually shared with me by Terry D Houston II of Different World Ministries. Obviously, this scripture is talking about actual money but let’s just pull a principle out of this scripture by focusing on this part: “but the one who gathers it little by little will become rich.” 

Whenever I think of this scripture, I think of how God has been teaching me to focus. 

In 2016, Eric and I both served in ministry. I served full time in ministry. Full time ministry is really like double full time jobs sometimes - especially in my situation - I woke up at like 7 am worked from like 10a-10p and didn't go to sleep until maybe 11p-12a almost every night. To me, it looked like we had ZERO time to achieve goals!

But at that time I thought that I needed a great mass of time to achieve goals. And, really, I didn't. Actually, I had an opportunity of speaking at University of Houston in April 2017 was because I began to wake up every morning 1 hour early in 2016 so that I could work on a website and send emails to college Christian group leaders. Even if it was just 20 minutes that I got to work on it, I was 20 minutes closer to my goal of putting on the full production of my play.

Yes, I felt like I was going S U P E R slow and nothing was happening. 

BUT actually after taking those baby steps to make arrangements to speak at the college has actually opened up a door for someone to help me the production of the play which is AWESOME! But it would have never happened IF I didn't work little by little to make things happen. 

Not all goals will just magically or even supernaturally just pan out without any effort from you. 

God's part is the supernatural. 

Your part is doing the little steps whatever God gives you to work towards that goal or dream. 

Step 5: Little by little Planning

So step 5 is actually two parts. The first part — which we will call Step 5a in this post — is what God taught me after I watched a webinar of Todd Herman talk about a strategy for productivity that he likes to call a Two Week Sprint.

Here is what you will do to accomplish Step 5a:

1. Identify the ONE goal you believe God wants you to accomplish right NOW

If you're anything like me, read that one more time and let it sink in because you're probably going to want to accomplish like 10 goals at once... which you might get to the point that you can multiple goals at one time ... but for now JUST PICK ONE... UNO .... ☝️one goal. And that's all we're going to focus on.

2. Write out every project/task you think you need to take to accomplish this ONE goal. 

Every goal has Projects. And Todd Herman defines projects as tools that you use to achieve your goals. If you don't know all the steps to complete don't stress about it, just write the ones you do know.

3. Determine how many projects you can realistically accomplish in two weeks time (more on how to determine what you can do will come in the post about Step 5b).

4. Specify EXACTLY what you'd like to see or have done/completed once these two weeks are over. It is important for this to be TANGIBLE - when you finish this you and other people need to see that you accomplished this goal. 


For my example, I will use the steps of how we went to the Next Conference this year. 

1. How I identified the ONE goal to focus on: One of my first goals this year was to go to Terri Savelle Foy's Next Conference and it was on January 20-21 - I think. It was around January 1st when I got this revelation I just taught you all about. So when I went to apply this revelation, I immediately knew what GOAL I needed to focus on and complete by January 14 which was going to the Next Conference. 

2. How we identified all the steps: I don't think we had ALL the steps, but I wrote out as much as I knew and the two major things were writing out a budget and attaining our two tickets to the Next Conference. (BTW there were also simple and quick things that we needed to do to prepare we did before this step like reserving the hotel room and rental car, etc. However, the steps I'm naming here were major projects as needed to do in order to go).  

3 & 4. How we identified how many projects to do within two weeks time & what we wanted to have completed after two weeks: We decided to release our faith to have our tickets purchased for the Next Conference in two weeks our hands. So our other projects we needed to accomplish was the vision God gave us which were to: 

          • asking our friends to sponsor via sponsorship letters, 
          • making a mini vision board to pray over everyday, 
          • mediating and calling in those tickets as well as our hotel room
          • etc. 

By the way, ALL  of these projects were completely accomplished in two weeks time because we had a clear focus!

It seemed IMPOSSIBLE! But to my surprise when we were very, very clear about what we wanted - God made it very clear what all was need for us to do and we did it - and the results appeared. 

Homework 📚 

Do the all the steps for Step 5a! 

Easy peasy!!!!

And that's it! Love you guys 😊 and I look forward to posting about part 5b next week! 

-Rashida Jackson