FOCUSED FRIDAY | 001. begin with the end in mind

This week on the Hillsong Channel I heard a statement that shook me a little bit. The speaker said something like this: Can people tell you are a believer based on what you're believing God for? Are you believing God for the reasonable or are you believing God for the impossible? -A Minister at Hillsong New York


That means people should know you are a believer not just because you say something about Jesus in every conversation you have but because you are believing/expecting for the God that seems to do the impossible to do the impossible in YOUR life! Wow!

Last year 2016, Eric (my husband) and I created our vision boards and I had 6 goals I was aiming towards and almost none of these goals occurred in that year. I accomplished about 7% of those goals. And that 7% didn’t begin until LATE 2016.

It wasn’t all bad because God met our needs supernaturally last year. But in the natural sense, I’m thinking... 'what in the world did I do wrong?' Because this didn’t just happen in 2016, but in 2015, 2014... back to 2011. It just seemed like since I graduated college and got married, goal setting and accomplishing those goals got harder and harder. I thought, ‘There is something I’m missing because this has never been so difficult for me’. When I was younger it seemed that I just set my mind to something and it just... got done with seemingly no effort. Sometimes very supernaturally and I didn’t even know it was supernatural at the time, lol.

Fast forward to January 1, 2017, we were attending Heritage of Faith Christian Center, Dr. Jerry Savelle’s church in Fort Worth, Texas.  He gets up and shares a word from the Lord about 2017 and instructs us to go home and write out goals we wanted to accomplish in that year, pray over ourselves and trust God with these goals.

So I did just that, but this time it wasn’t like what I’ve done in the past. This time it was totally different. God began at that time to remind me of things that I’ve learned over the years from different Ministers and successful people. Very little did I know that He was giving me a road map to success that I simply had to follow. I’m excited to share it with you over the next couple of weeks!

Going back to the story of how God taught me to focus in order to be successful. I was determined to make 2017 better than 2016 and all the previous years. We went straight home after church, Eric and I did all of our normal routines and I sat down and began to think and pray. I asked God, "well, what do You want me to accomplish this year?"

God then lead me to first think beyond 2017. In order to know what I needed to do this year I needed to know what He wanted me to do, with my life in general.

I’ve heard from Terri Savelle Foy that we should practice writing out our own eulogy, God brought it to my mind and I took that thought as God saying this is your first step. So I typed up my eulogy.

This is exactly what I did the night of January 1st, 2017. It took me maybe 30 minutes to complete. It was so vital because I wouldn’t have known what was the proper path to take for 2017 if I wasn’t aware of what God wanted to ultimately accomplish in my life! Once I knew that I was done, I asked the Father, 'is this what you want?' Holy Spirit spoke to me saying - 'Yes'. Then, I moved on to the next step. 

Do you know what God ultimately wants to accomplish through your life?

SELAH for a moment on that one. 

Many people just go and rattle off so many different goals for the year (like I was doing) and they don’t know that the goals they are setting are a path. If that path isn’t what God has ordered or it’s not the plan that God created them for it won’t happen or if it does, it will lead to destruction and death.

It reminds me of two scriptures:

A man's mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure. -Proverbs 16:9 AMPC


There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. -Proverbs 14:12 KJV

Homework 📚 
Now it’s time to write YOUR eulogy! (I know it’s a little weird but trust me.) 
Here are some things that I highly suggest that you have when writing out this mock up eulogy:

-Be a Spirit filled believer in Jesus. (If you want to learn more about becoming spirit filled, click here. If you have any questions or just want to talk about what it means, email us!)

-Paper and pen OR an electronic device to type on (make sure to save it and print it out later)

-Time, take about 30 minutes. 

During this time: (1) be quiet for a minute before the Lord, ask Holy Spirit for His help and then (2) write what you believe is in your heart to do.

If you are already a Believer in Christ, please feel free to be led by God BUT don’t be so deep to where you are feeling stuck and not writing anything. If you need to spend time praying in the spirit, please do! Don’t be hesitant because you don’t want to get it wrong, trust that God is leading you and just start writing. Open yourself to Him and let it flow. What I learned in this time is that every person may hear from Holy Spirit differently. For me, I’m learning that God has a very flowing way that He communicates with me and if I think too hard, then I usually miss Him. I had a counselor once that told me that she smells roses when God speaks to her. Other people see visions, or they hear one word consistently over and over again and that’s how God speaks to them. Whatever it is, just flow with it. 

Send us ONE thing that you believe God wants you to do before you leave this earth by next Thursday. Why should you send us anything? Its definitely not because we want to be nosey! It’s because it’s good accountability. When you know someone else knows something God told you to do and is praying with you concerning your dreams, it really helps you keep it on your mind to do rather than your goals going by the wayside 5 years later. 

That’s it folks! 

Till next time folks, y’all be blessed!

-Rashida Jackson