FOCUSED FRIDAY | 004. motivation to continue


Happy FRIDAY lovely people! 

Did you know that people who are multitasking - may be able to accomplish tasks faster BUT they actually produce less than people who have decided develop the skill of focus?!


I learned this on Michael Hyatt’s Lead to Win podcast - Episode 3


This week we are going to be focusing on breaking down your yearly goals so we can start working on achieving them!


So - usually after people write out their goals for the year. Here’s some of what may happen...

- They feel all warm and fuzzy and excitedly look forward to the great year they’ve planned. 

- They put the list in a notebook they more than likely will never look at again until the following new year.

- Eventually they give up. (There is actually a day to celebrate giving up on your New Years Resolutions … WOW!)

- They get frustrated and complain that goal setting doesn’t work and some may talk about others who are achieving their dreams. 

From what I’ve seen this seems to repeat every new year for A LOT of people. And, no lie... some of these things I listed describes some things I have done a few years ago!! And I’m seeing more and more that most people think that successfully fulfilling God’s dreams for your life just kinda happens 🤷🏾‍♀️ which is not true all the time. Then, this leads to severe frustration!


We do NOT want to see that happen! So here’s Step 4 in going after your God Given Dreams:

Break the goals up over quarters for the entire year!

It’s simple but if you’re anything like me this step can be challenging also... because I want all of my goals to be worked on like right now. But the truth is - if you’re attention is stretched across 20+ different tasks you aren’t really being productive. You’re just really busy without any focus. And you’d be amazed to know how many miscellaneous and unnecessary tasks and projects you can be (and are actually) working on when you don’t have any clearly defined goals! 

At the end on 2016, I got an email about a guy named Todd Herman  and his 90 Day Year online webinars. In these webinars, he basically began to break down his key to success — and that key was not in setting goals for the year but setting goals for only 90 days.

This is important because people like to see the fruits of their labor very quickly nowadays. Especially in today’s society where people like their food, internet and cars super fast! And I think that’s why dieting and exercising are given up on so easily... they don’t see results fast enough! And the pain from exercising and developing a new  discipline screams louder than the gradual results they can’t see yet.

I’ll touch base in the following weeks on how to break these things down even further but for now I will show how the Lord lead me to break up my goals last year:

-Go to the Next Conference 2017
-Set date/speak at one college sharing my testimony and showing a recording of my play. 
-Change diet for health goal/get all supplements, tools, food, etc. needed

-Work on my husbands business goals
-Work on income ideas to begin saving for vehicle

-Furnish apartment
-Get a vehicle!
-Prep to bring nieces to Icing 2017

-Take nieces to Icing
-Work on podcast idea

I don’t know if you can tell but each one of these goals line up with one of the 10 goals the Lord had me to set on Jan 1, 2017.

Also, notice there are no more than 3 goals within a quarter so I had room in my schedule to do other things.

For the most part, with God’s help we have stayed on course to achieve each of these things within the specified timeframes. Our part was to write the vision, make it plan, and I focused on exactly what God wanted me to work on during each of these seasons... He did the rest! Definitely not saying it was a nice walk on a beach (there were some days I felt like giving up and there were challenges also) BUT everyday I am seeing it all was well worth the faith journey.

Homework 📚 

So your homework is to simply just do what I’ve shared in this email for you all to do— break up your goals over the course of this next year. Feel free to share if you are led to!!!

I look forward to sharing with you again you guys next week!

With love,