Focused Friday | 003. how to set goals

Hey guys! How was your week, last week?!

I spent the beginning of the week trying to stay warm (I don’t like being cold!). And the latter part of the week I spent pondering the last five years of my 20’s and it was on my heart to share this with you guys… it is important to have a vision and dream for your life BUT don’t spend your days so wrapped up in the hustle for success that you lose connection with those who are important to you. I know it’s super easy just to be focused on you, or your career, or the new family your building if you’re married OR to just pursue profitable relationships but I also encourage you to stay sensitive to those around you who may need a friend and don’t know how to ask someone to be there for them. Kindness goes along way and is a great investment to make into your current relationships. Check out this quick lesson Bosa sent out to the TMLU team, it really helped me put somethings into perspective.

Please note the views in the video are ones that we believe to be Christ centered as for the channel itself we do not condone their full thoughts/views

Now, on to showing you all how I set goals last year and got amazing results!

Step #3

Here‘s another simple but vital step... which is setting your goals for this year or this upcoming year. This part is basically the same step as the 5 year plan step but we’re making plans to accomplish only certain goals within this new year.

So just like last week, what you will do is brainstorm what goals you will need to accomplish this year that will set you on track to accomplish your 5 year goals. 

Now if you have already set your New Years goals then this time may be a good time for some revisions if necessary. 

Here are some tips I learned from Terri Savelle Foy and other sources that helped me not to go overboard on the goals that I set:

Set only 7-10 goals for the year. You don’t want to set a small amount of goals because that won’t keep you motivated. You don’t want to set too many because you’ll feel overwhelmed. 7-10 goals is the sweet spot (learned this from Terri)

Make sure you set some goals that seem attainable to you as well as some goals that are those that look to almost impossible unless you have God to help you with them! The attainable goals help you to stay motivated because when you accomplish one you are ready to accomplish the next one. The BIG goals are those that will stretch your faith and help you to stay more dependent on God and less dependent on yourself!  When you see those impossible goals accomplished you will totally feel like you can take over the world as long as Jesus is on your side!

• This point is something I actually learned this year while studying about being organized from April Perry.  Make sure you have a good mix of goals for yourself, for your family, and for things that you do outside of the home (business, work, volunteer jobs, etc). This will help you to stay balanced.

When I did this task on January 1st, 2017, I started with a list of I think 15 goals for 2017. 

The thing that helped me to narrow them down was looking at my lifetime goals and my 5 year goals. When I read through my original 15-20 goals, if they didn’t line up with my lifetime goals or my 5 year goals I eliminated them.

Then, if I thought that certain goals could wait until the following year, I removed those goals also. 

I did this until I had 10 goals. I will share some of the goals with you!

  1. Healed from a certain condition in my body [I had learned that the condition could be a result of my diet, so I set this goal and aimed to change my dietary habits - which is why whenever some of you may ask what I can eat I’m always saying I can’t have this or that] (in progress)
  2. Attend Terri Savelle Foy’s Next Conference 2017 with platinum seats. (Completed!)
  3. Speak at at least one college or university sharing my testimony of how I came to Christ and was delivered from homosexuality and show the recording of my play called “What Lies at the End of the Rainbow?” (Completed!)
  4. Take my niece Kennedy to Icing 2017 (Completed)
  5. Get a reliable vehicle (basically completed... we’re still believing God for transportation that we own, but God has provided great reliable, dependable transportation for us this year)
  6. Have a fully furnished apartment (Completed)
  7.  Record 25 episodes of a podcast the Lord lead me to create (in progress)

By the end of 2017 a good majority of the goals that I set for myself were accomplished... most of them were accomplished supernaturally!! And with greater results than I could ever imagine! There are still some that are in progress but compared to last year, God helped me to accomplish so much more than what I accomplished last year.  

But it couldn’t of been done with out first, making what was in my heart very clear and second, focusing only on the things that aligned with the things written out in the vision God has given me in my 5 year goals.

What if I have just discovered this blog series and 2018 is almost over?

Don’t feel you have to write out 5-10 goals to finish for remainder of 2018. First of all, that may be a whole lot and you most likely feel overwhelmed and defeated if you did that and especially if t turns out that at the end of the year you have failed to complete all of those goals. What I suggest if this...

If you are reading this later in the year and your 2018 wasn’t all that you hoped it would be, think of just one thing that will fit into God’s life plan for you and your 5 year plan and make that one thing a goal that you will aim to accomplish before December 31st, 2018. 

If you think you had a pretty decent 2018 so far and you already have goals you are working to accomplish as this year finishes out - go ahead and finish those goals out and just read the rest of these emails to prepare for 2019. You could possibly begin to think of goals for 2019 now as you read the rest if this blog series. 


Now, I considered the past couple of weeks to be pretty simple and easy, what did you guys think?

Next week we are going to start on the first steps of how to break these goals down into practical steps that you can begin to apply in your everyday life. 


Your homework 📚

Share one of your goals for the remainder of this year or share one of your goals for next year with us via email. The TMLU team will be praying and in agreement with you guys as you work to accomplish them!

Love you guys! Let us know if these tips are helpful or insightful. Talk to you guys next week!