Praying for Spiritual Health | Prayer Project

At the start of the #PrayerProject We had several people send in prayers about topics close to their hearts.

This week join us in praying for Spiritual Health.

Holy Spirit I thank you that you are here and are making your presence known to us. I rebuke every spirit that is causing fear, suicide thoughts,  and depression. God I thank you for calling us to live a life full of JOY, PEACE and LIFE!!! I pray that every spirit be lifted right now in the name of Jesus! I bind every suicide thought right now and I ask that you would fill that void, with your perfect love! I thank you that your perfect love cast out all fear!! That every person reading or listening to this HAS A VOICE! We have a purpose we have a calling. You have called us to you, I pray that you open all hearts, ears and minds right now God. I know that if you could do it for me, you can do it for every person! You are chosen, you are cared about, you have a calling, I believe in you!