Praying For Hope | Prayer Project

At the start of the #PrayerProject We had several people send in prayers about topics close to their hearts. 

This week join us in praying for hope. Specifically for those who suffer with addictions and their family members. We pray that chains are broken!

Prayer sent in: One of the hardest things I have had watch in my life is the power of addiction and how it can destroy not only a life but a life of a family. I have watched a man destroy his life and try to destroy his family lives over his next fix. Addictions come in many forms and it is the ugliest thing I have ever seen or been a part of. I want to come into agreement that those that are addicted can BE FREE..That satan and all his evil ways will let go of families and that the power of prayer breaks chains. I want to pray for hope..hope that no matter how lost one is that God can deliver any addiction.. I want to pray for the families that witness someone dying right in front of them and I want to stand in agreement that it does not have end the way it looks or feels..I want to pray for strength, wisdom and forgiveness… because Lord knows I could use this support right now