Thoughts on a Bus

This is something I wrote in 201o right after coming back from China. It seems to come up every once in awhile and once again here it is! Hope you enjoy!

Sitting on a bus sweaty (from the climb up the Great Wall), hungry, grumpy and tired I stared out the window. In this very moment I was broken. How do I constantly think of myself when there are so many others in the world hurting far more. I wasn’t even hurting I just enjoyed myself and was slightly discomforted on the way to the restaurant that was basically open just for us.

I’ve fallen into the mentality that envelopes most of the Western world. The mentality of ME! There is always a time to look out for oneself but an outward vision is the best to have.

While on the bus when I finally stopped thinking about how tired I was and looked outward I saw a much bigger picture. Children, old women, dogs, and dirty shops lined the streets. This wasn’t the image of China that I had in my mind before getting here.

This whole week I’ve been studying Philippians 2. Verse 4 talks about looking not only to our interests but also to those of others. It goes on in verse 5 to say we should have the same attitude as Christ. Verse 7 goes on to say that he made himself NOTHING taking the very nature of a servant. Verse 8 also talks about Jesus humbling himself. WOW

Verse 6 talks about how Jesus was in the very nature of God but he didn’t even consider equality something to be grasped. Verse 8 later says he humbled himself and even became obedient to death. (I’m not saying we should all go do for someone) but just think about it. HE BLED FOR ME. What if Jesus was inward minded. What if he decided since he was in the very nature of God he wouldn’t die for us. What if he decided he was tired of serving. All these people mocked and spat on him anyway. What if he decided that the people of the world were “unlovable”.

He died for my sins and the wrongs that I committed before I was even born because that’s how outward minded He was. That’s how much He loved! He was a true leader.

I pray that I become so outward minded that I begin to not only think of the impact my actions have on this generation but generations to come.

Peace and Love