You are relevant. You have purpose. The Body needs you. And God chose YOU.

In a season where the body of Christ is continuing to shift and the vital role that the church plays seems to intensify, many have found themselves in a sort of spiritual limbo. Seeing the need of the church and the heightened level of urgency in becoming like the bride that Christ talked about fuels a lot of us. But what are we really supposed to do? What does God really want us to do right now, in these moments, and in this season?  Many times we begin to question our relevance to the Body of Christ and compare our walk with the walk of those around us.

I would often find myself desperately trying to hear from the Father asking Him “WHAT’S NEXT”?! What is the plan, what is the season, what is the move? And often in those times, I feel as though I receive nothing. I’m still. I wait. I pursue. Nothing. No plan. No understood immediate purpose. No perceived relevance.

It’s easy to look at others and see all that God is doing in their life and be completely oblivious and/or blind to what He is wanting to do in our own lives.

I remember tuning into a message one evening and one of the first things that he said was that “we are focused on plans, but God is focused on steps”. God is focused on steps. You can’t get anywhere without steps.

Wanting to know the plans for our lives is normal and in our natural nature. It gives us a sense of security and understanding. It allows us to plan a way to carry it out and accomplish whatever it may be. In doing that it also eliminates the need for faith. If scripture says that without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6) then you could argue that God’s plan is for you not to know the whole plan.

The masterpiece was completed before you were conceived. Each one unique in its’ own right. And no one can see it played out unless it is stroke by stroke. One stroke at a time. Our lives then becomes about positioning ourselves and taking the steps, BY FAITH. It is a must in order to see the plan and masterpiece unfold.

The word is a lamp to my feet, not a bright light to my whole path. The purpose that God has for me and for you is there. Sure you may not be able to see it and understand it now, but that doesn’t take away from the relevance you have to Body of Christ. Allow the presence to bring understanding and prepare and position yourself to take steps. You can’t fulfill what God wants you to do in this season without them. What steps do you think God is wanting you to take right now? Don’t know? Become consumed with the pursuit of Him and His presence and the understanding of His Word. There’s only one way to the Father. Lets start stepping towards Him and our purpose!