Revival. So many things come to mind when the word is mentioned. Especially in the body of Christ. It seems that in this season in the body one of the biggest focuses seem to be revival in the church, revival in cities, revival in nations, and in the world. But where is the first seed of revival? What do you think about or see in your spirit when you think of a revival, and are you seeing that within yourself.

What do you think about or see in your spirit when you think of a revival and are you seeing that within yourself.

It is so easy to talk about revival and wanting to go out and spark a revival and start some great movement in the body of Christ that will shake the very foundation of the Earth. But often times we forget that revival starts within us first. I remember a few years ago being at a conference and asking someone how to start a revival. I wanted to see the body of Christ Move and be alive like the Word described. What he said still rings loud in my spirit. He said to go into a room, and not to come out until revival started in that room. It all starts with us, individually.

Revival has to come from a place within. That’s when we get a revelation of exactly who God is and what His will is for our lives and for His church. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He doesn’t go back on His promises.

So if we ourselves can’t grasp the things that He says, we will never see revival. Revival is happening. It never stopped happening. We just stopped seeing it for whatever reason. If scripture tells us in John 7:38 that “whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” And if Jesus said that if you drink from, the living water you will thirst no more. If you are a believer than that means you contain this living water!

I started to question my own walk. I would pray to God and ask Him, “why is it that I have the living water flowing within me but cannot drink from it” (for a lack of a better term)? This is the root of revival. Being able to tap into, feel, and sense Gods presence and His living water is what brings you to a point of revival. I felt Him telling me, I built too many dams in my river. Every time I indirectly called God a liar, I built a dam up in my spirit. Anything I said that was contrary to what His Word said regarding the same thing, instantly I cut off a place of the flow. If I say I’m sick, I’m calling God a liar, He says that I am whole. So many things we say and do, disconnect us from the source of revival, yet we cry out for a move of revival.

Revival starting power is within each and every one of us! If we want to see a revival take place it takes us seeing God for who He really is in our lives and in everyone else’s life. If this happens, revival will follow suit. There is no way that you can genuinely experience God and not experience revival. It’s not just His nature, it is who He is! He can’t help it! For so long I was wanting to be a part of a revival, and all the while God was telling me that I was the revival. If I could just see Him for who He was and break down every dam I put up in my life blocking the living water from flowing I would experience revival in my life.

God told me I couldn’t start revival because too many things in my life were still dead. He is the God of life and life in abundance, so how is it that I can speak of revival if I hadn’t let him revive things in my life? Revival really does start with you. If you have to, put yourself in a room and don’t leave until revival starts! Maybe not that, but hey if that’s what it takes! You want to see revival, ask God to show you the dams that you’ve built that are stopping the living water flow. People around you need the living water that God is pouring in and out of you. And more importantly, YOU need the water!