Prioritize and Utilize

Over this past month, God has been dealing with me on prioritizing my life and getting together what’s important to me. I feel like He slapped me in the face with things I need to change or fix. I felt Him say, “Terre, you need to get closer to me because it doesn’t matter what gifts I have given you or the anointing I’ve put on your life. You need to be in tune with me. I have everything you need. I have everything you desire and if you continue to fall in love with me and trust me anything can happen.” He reminded me of how much He loves me.

A great friend/brother of mine inspired me to plan out every day of my week. I went and bought a calendar, a white board, and a few journals. This is a big part of changing my routine so I can be closer to my Creator. How can I ever change the world if I can’t sit down and be with the one who changed my world?

The point I’m getting to is that we have to make out time for what is vital in our lives. Utilize everything!  Use your gifts & the things you are passionate about to prioritize what’s vital.

What is it that you need to prioritize in life? Take a moment and think about your priorities. Next think about the things that you can utilize to help you with those things. It is important that we take the time to pause and reflect!

You have to want it more than you want to breathe. My main priority is my relationship with my Creator. It doesn’t come easily! It comes with sacrifice, determination, and surrendering everything you carry. That’s the only way you will be able to receive everything He has for you!

Once you know what your priorities are, use every tool you have access to! For me, it was a white board, calendar, and a few journals. The real root cause underneath all of that is love! Love is one of the best tools you have access to! Use it. Let it motivate you! Love changes the world NOTHING and NO ONE can ever stop you or your dreams when you really understand how to use it!