Love Is The Mission

Love. A word used so much among so many.
A word that carries much weight to some and not so much to others.
Defining love will vary depending on who you ask.
As cliche as people believe it is, simply put, God is Love.
How can you possibly love yourself if you don’t understand God’s love for you?

The only way that God see’s you is how he intended you to be and nothing less. Love of that nature is knowing absolutely everything about you down to the most minute details. From the physical aspect of who you are, to the mental, emotional, and spiritual depths of you. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Despite knowing all of that, He loves you still the same because he knows how and why he created you.

Do you love yourself?
What a loaded question.
Something that many people may not think about or ask themselves. I should ask do you see yourself the way that God see’s you? Do you know and understand how God sees you? Once you grab hold of that revelation everything about you will change.

See loving myself is not only desiring to be what God intended me to be, but striving daily to do just that. If I constantly look at myself through the lens and eyes of man, I will never measure up. But looking through His lens I realize that I don’t have to measure up. He provides and makes up for every “shortcoming” I believe that I have. How can I not love myself? The creator of the entire universe hand crafted me and put purpose on me before I even knew what my name was. Loving God makes it so much easier to love myself. I understand and know how he sees me and how he intended me to be. Changing your lens can change your life. We love because He first loved us. Love is really the mission. And starts with a love for Him that gives us a love for ourselves, and then others.