Jesus the Greatest Hero? Part 2

In part one of this two part blog we compared Jesus Christ to famous Comic Superheroes. If you missed it read it now!

This time, we’re going to compare him to some of the Heroes of Ancient Myth. It’s important to note that I’m partial to Jesus. Nothing compares to Christ. Am I trying to say He’s better? YES! I want to show you how great My King Jesus truly was, is and is to come!

So let’s begin! 

We’ll be comparing him to the following:
Zeus, Supreme God of the Ancient Greeks.
Hercules his mighty son of great adventure and heroism.
Odin, Supreme God of the Nordics.
Thor his sympathetic and powerful son, leaving his heavenly realm to serve the people of earth.

Some of these stories have very similar themes to the story of Christ. But method and result are primary differences here!.

As the myth goes Zeus came from his heavenly place and impregnated, well everyone. Zeus created Hercules in an adulterous act and was also notorious for exerting his power in an oppressive fashion. His tyrannical nature is too carnal to compare to Jesus and his “divine” law was hardly of the “love thy neighbor” variety. I’d never want to meet Zeus but I’d love to meet Jesus.

Hercules was a great Hero in so many rights but principally he was different than Jesus in that again Jesus healed and fought evil without aggression or force. Hercules was famous for his feats of strength and dominance in battle. Jesus never had to fight in any physical war.

His actions freed the Roman and Jewish people of fear and gave them hope. And that’s not a myth! Christ was the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire. The Greatest Empire the world had seen to date!

I planned on going into Norse mythology and Thor and his comparison to Christ. But that’s getting redundant. I’m finishing this here and now, for good. Go search the world if you like. High low near and far. You’ll never find someone like Jesus.

Search history. Search mythology. Search Religion. Go through time as we’ve known it and you’ll never hear a story of a greater Hero than Jesus Christ. All heroes throughout the ages have been great in their own regard, but Jesus…

He healed the sick,

He raised the dead,

Took down Empires,

He gave his life for yours,

He conquered death,

He reconciled you to your maker,

He sent the spirit of God to bring you power,

He’s there for you right now,

Waiting as always for your next prayer.

Jesus is the Greatest Hero of All Time.