Jesus, the Greatest Hero of All Time?

Years ago, I went on a journey to find out what a hero was. It started as a research project for a character that I was going to end up playing for the next seven years as a Pro Wrestler. Yes, like The Rock and John Cena type of wrestling. This post is not about wrestling or my wrestling career, but it is relevant that I played this role for almost a decade. It changed me. It made me understand the public perceptions and expectations for someone in that role. In my journey to find out what made a hero, how they should act, how they look, how they think and so on, I would pick a historic hero and learn about them. I learned from different types. Superman, Batman, World War 2 / Afghanistan / Iraq War Heroes, Alexander the Great, Leonidas’s 300, Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King Jr. I’m sure I missed some, but this is an ongoing study.

On a personal level, I’ve only encountered and prayed to one person on that list… Jesus Christ. While on this journey I wanted to see how he measured up to these heroes of the ages. Let’s compare him to the three most famous comic book heroes of all time. Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman!

Time to compare and contrast! All of them serve the public, risking their lives to protect others. On one side there’s Spider-Man and Batman; always on the ground saving people one by one, scouring the streets for justice. Did you know that Jesus did the same thing? He scoured the streets for someone to save, person by person. There is a HUGE difference though in method and result. Spider-Man uses force to subdue villains and protect. Batman uses excessive force and fear to subdue villains and protect. Jesus never used force or fear, he loved! When he spoke of fear he was talking about honoring God, not running from Him! Jesus even took it a step further and healed people! He delivered them from their disease whether mentally or physically. Jesus was completely transparent! He told people exactly who he was, which none of these other particular heroes do.

I haven’t mentioned Superman mainly because, he’s unique in many ways and thematically inspired by Jesus. Superman is an alien. He looks like us but he’s not LIKE us. He was SENT to earth by his parents to help mankind. He didn’t have to, he made a choice to. In his mythos Superman at one point gives his life (or makes an attempt) to save Metropolis and to save humanity on Earth. Somewhat resurrected he actually comes back to save the Earth yet again with NO Superpowers at all. All of these things sound very familiar to the story of Jesus Christ.

Jesus was born from the Spirit of God and Mary. Not born like normal men. He did things that a normal human couldn’t. Jesus made a choice to give his life for humanity. The difference between this and what Superman did is that he gave his life for your life AFTER death. That’s major! We will all die here, it’s what happens next that Jesus saved us from. That’s something Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and NO Man can do!

Only Jesus.

The next time your friends are on a superhero kick tell them who The GREATEST Hero of all time is… Jesus!