I Can Do All Things

Sometimes when living in the city all the noise & distraction makes it difficult to think clearly. And when I can’t think clear, it’s hard to hear God’s voice. So regularly I’ll take a walk with my dog down the Trinity River to get away from the streets and noise the best I can. Sometimes I worship, sometimes I pray, but a lot of the time I just listen, expecting God to show up and keep me company. He never disappoints!!

So as I’m walking the other day I was praying asking God about Philipians 4:13, the famous scripture, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”

Since I was a kid, I’ve kept the same routine. I ask and then listen. I asked almost like a child, “Father how come if I can do all things, I can’t just take off and fly? Why am I bound to gravity?”

Immediately revelation bursts into my thoughts. Nothing audible, but Scriptural. He took me to Matthew 25:14-30, the story of the talents. (PAUSE right here, and read those verses before we go on.) Then He shows me that these talents may be money in the scripture, but can also be metaphorical for the talents you’ve been given in this life. The value of those talents far exceeds that of money, but they both still work the same way. How you invest your talents is like investing money, you get out what you put in.

The way the story is told helps to show, that just because you may not have as much as others there’s no excuse to hide away what He’s given you. It’s also a great reminder that if you’re given much, much is expected of you!
While I’m walking and talking to with God, He begins to tell me the story in a whole new way!

Here’s the way God changed the story for me:

Instead of the servant with the one talent burying his, the other two buried theirs and the man with the with the one talent invested his and doubled it to 2. He took his two and with wisdom invested it and doubled it to 4. Now he’s surpassed the man with 3 talents who buried his. And with a little foresight, you can see where this is going. Upon doubling his 4 talents to 8, he’s surpassed both who buried theirs, and now has as much as both of them combined. When the master returns in the story, he would in turn and take the other two servants’ talents and give them to the man who started with only 1.

“So what does this and Philippians 4:13 have to do with each other?” I started to think and then before I could finish the thought or even ask out loud, I knew. We can do all things within the parameters, God has given us! Here’s how it goes, whatever talent you start with is not where you have to stay. You can do all things within the parameters of where you’re at. And through wise use, you WILL increase!

Jesus set the example for WHO God IS. Jesus was a hard worker and not an excuse maker. He increased His value through using His talents and wisdom. Your favor and talents can be multiplied!

We CAN do all things, it just takes time, wisdom, and hard work! If I want to fly, especially on earth, I’ll need to learn HOW to fly by increasing my knowledge and ability to fly a plane.

I increase my talents to be ABLE to fly, not just by asking God and wondering why it didn’t just happen. That takes no work on my behalf. The Bible says that  faith without works is dead. (James 2:17)

Apply your faith practically in the natural, and watch as God increases your natural with His Supernatural!!


love y’all