God to Us

Have you ever wondered why God didn’t come through when He needed to? Why didn’t He answer? Or why He didn’t even seem to care?

This past weekend, I was able to visit good ole Tulsa, OK. While there, I decided that I would visit a church with a dear friend of mine. At first, my attention was less then present as the guest speaker shared random details about himself; however, that quickly changed when he posed a question. What is the Devil’s job really? Yes, the Bible says the Devil is here to steal, kill, and destroy. But let’s ask another question. Let’s say you’re married and you and I just happened to meet. And let’s say I decided to try and destroy your marriage by giving you some random fact about your spouse. Now, let’s be honest, we just met and you know your spouse. You wouldn’t pay the slightest of attention to my silliness because you know what your spouse has done and does for you. The truth is, yes, the Devil is here to steal, kill, and destroy; however, that can only affect us to a point. The Devil’s real job on earth is to make us believe unfaithfully. He dresses as an angle of light and poses all sorts of questions in our minds to bring us doubt.

Let me give you a statement that may or may not cause you to fall off your rocker. We live our lives waiting on God to do what God’s not going to do. Living in a misunderstanding of what God really wants to do in our lives. I’ll be honest and say I was slightly convicted when I heard this. If you felt the same, the best step is to ask God to cleanse the expectations we have set and understand that He is sovereign. He won’t take control of our lives, but He does want to lead us.

Now back to the questions asked earlier. God doesn’t just sit and watch things happen to us. In life, we go through things that are misfortunate and we go through things that are evil. It is important that we know the difference between the two. God is not finished with you. The only person that God has been fully God t0o is Jesus. He has yet to be fully God to you. This is where living by faith and not by sight comes into play. The truth is, God is not going to save us from suffering. He is going to save us in it. That may not have been the answer you were wanting, but listen. Endurance produces character. There is no other way for God’s character to be produced in us.

A lot of things can happen at the altar when we give our lives to God, but God’s character cannot. Perfect example: loving your enemies. How can you truly know that you possess the ability to love your enemies unless you have already been through the uncomfortable experience first? Endurance produces character and character produces; hope. The only thing that can produce God’s character in your life is suffering, which in turn produces hope. With that being said creation is not waiting on God. It is waiting for us. It waits for us to take our inheritance, which is intercession for this world.

Hearing this sermon both convicted and challenged me and reminded me of my true purpose in this world. If you are going through a rough season remember that God has yet to be fully God to you.

All of his promises for life’s journey can be found in Psalm 91. Read and be encouraged.

– Jess