First things First

For me there’s always this conflict of who I love more: Me or God. I should always put God first. It’s the right “Christian” thing to do.

But when the gravity of living in a world full of sin & temptation sets in, it’s real easy for me to lose motivation, faith and hope. Most importantly I tend to stop focusing on Jesus, and start focusing on me. I get lost in my own desires.

You may be the type of person that only focuses on others.  It’s easy to fall into the mindset that if you’re loving others, then you’re doing the right thing. People, animals, or even a noble cause can distract you from your relationship with God. God should be our number ONE priority!

Loving God begins with your actions. To actively LOVE God, you have to to choose to acknowledge him, and know him.

Note to reader: I didn’t say follow a bunch of rules! Just acknowledge Him & make steps to know Him. He’ll meet you there. This will produce self esteem, confidence and clarity of purpose in your life.

How can you truly love yourself without loving God first?

Start with God, practice good habits, & love yourself.

Thanks so much for reading!