Depression is real... but LOVE

Depression is real… but love
Everyone keeps asking why we do what we do…
This is my story. It’s not one I tell often. Not because I’m ashamed but because sometimes I feel as though it isn’t enough. I heard stories of people that overcame addictions or people who were lost and then found. That is NOT my story. For me it was a battle of the mind. I was a prisoner and didn’t know it. I held on to God out of fear and not hope. Something simply clicked for me. I can’t tell you how. The past year many people have shared stories with me and I’ve learned there is no formula. The only common factor is LOVE.

I don’t share this to make light of what you may be going through. It doesn’t just click for everyone and I’m not saying it should. I’m sharing my story and why I believe love can truly turn your life up.

This is what Turn My Life Up is all about…
Depression is a real thing.
Suicide is a real thing.
Whatever you are dealing with is a real thing.
But with love you can overcome… you can turn your life up!
This is why love is THE mission. Love has the power of taking simple actions and changing life as you know it, forever.

Peace and Love