A New Comfortable

I have been in healthcare my whole life. I worked as a nurse aid, then medication aid, then a licensed vocational nurse, and now a registered nurse for the past 12 years. Healthcare has been my complete work history. I’m comfortable in it. I don’t know it all by any means, but I do know enough that I am able to function okay in that role. When questions or problems arise I start going through mental files to find out what the first step is and then each step after until the problem is taken care of or I have gotten to someone who can help with the problem.

This past week I found myself in the ER with mom. She wasn’t feeling well in the middle of the night and called out to me. I put my nurse’s hat on and went to work. Assessing her situation and current complaints, mentally diagnosing what it could be (not speaking any of it as words have power) and then determining she needed to go to the ER. So off to the ER we went. I was still assessing how she is feeling and doing the whole way there. Hoping nothing got worse or went wrong on the way. Once we arrive I help her out of the car, into the main lobby and into a chair. She is rushed back to a bed and then we begin the game of “hurry up and wait.” I think that should be the motto across ER entryways.

Anyways, as I sat there in the ER with my mom in silence waiting for the doctor to come and tell us what he thinks is going on… I found myself reviewing all the things that had happened up to this point. What I did during the situation, what I could have done better, and what they may or my not say next. It’s the routine I do each time I am involved in any medical circumstance. Family or not, it’s how I learn from my mistakes or take note of how good things went. You know what I realized while looking back on all the steps I took to get my mother into this uncomfortable bed…

I had not once prayed about it. I was so saddened by my lack of communication with God during this moment that I started questioning what was wrong with me. I love the Lord and I love to pray.

I jumped up and stepped into my role, (a role my mind is comfortable with) going through the motions to make things happen. I was trying to get her where she needed to be. Don’t get me wrong those things needed to happen. BUT in the midst of the process, my FATHER should have been contacted.

How could I FORGET TO CALL THE FATHER?? This was my mother for heaven’s sake!! Not a stranger that I had just met and was addressing their needs, but my mother who I pray with, sing with, and praise HIM with. I should have ALREADY let Him know that I knew He had taken care of her problem already. I forgot to tell the FATHER that I was thankful for Him working it out and handling all of her needs and aliments. I forgot to tell the Father that I trusted Him to place the right people on this ER journey to take care of her and to be the hands of the doctor that would evaluate her.

I had a revelation in that small, strange, little room that smelt like cleaning chemicals with several conversations about sick and hurt people just outside the door. I realized that when we are so comfortable doing something we just naturally take it into our own hands and run with it. Sometimes we may not even think twice about it or even look back once. It’s what we’ve always done, it’s how we’ve always done it. it’s what we know. We may not even realize that we do it at all. WE ARE JUST SO COMFORTABLE AND IN ROUTINE… that we forget.

Thankfully my mother is doing okay and even went home that same day! It made me rethink my everyday habits. What things have I done regularly that I should have been consulting Jesus about before I took any steps? Even in emergency situations, I should call on HIM!
I challenge you today, analyze your routines. What are you so comfortable with that you have forgotten that you NEED the Father?

You might be surprised and find that there is way more than you realized in your day to day that could involve the Creator/Comforter/Restorer/ and Guide.
The truth, is we should be consulting all things with the Father before we do anything.

It’s time folks! Let’s get uncomfortable. Let us make daily conversation with Him the new kind of comfortable!

God bless…