Don't Overthink It

Loving one another should be simple. It should be as easy as spelling it (L-O-V-E). It shouldn’t be this intricate process. But it’s not easy. I repeat it is not easy to love one another! As simple as it could be, we make it hard because of our preconceived feelings… The purest form of love is not filtered by social biases or subjective reasoning. It is truly just loving someone the way God would love them. Unconditionally.

Galatians 5:14 says, “for the entire law is fulfilled in one statement. Love your neighbor as YOURSELF.” Yep. That simple. Yourself. Love your neighbor the way you love yourself. Nothing partial or preconceived. Love the way you know how to… We all have different ways of showing love. Whether it be spending time with friends and family, encouraging people, actually praying for someone when they ask you to pray for them… (Don’t act like y’all haven’t forgotten to pray for someone when you told them you would pray for them!) the list goes on and on… kindhearted things that we do to show we truly value and care for people… That is love. That is the everyday love that we need to grasp.

Joyce Meyer once said, “walking in love is a true test of spiritual maturity” and I would have to agree. We aren’t going to be best buds with everyone. But we have to treat people lovingly, not with hostility. No matter how someone may have hurt you in the past, you gotta love them wholeheartedly. It may seem hard but we have to make it simple… We have to understand that we were put on this earth to love without any stipulations.

We were meant to serve our brothers and sisters in love. And by brothers and sisters I mean not just the body of Christ but everyone on this earth. (Even though they don’t know it we were all created by the same God) I read the “love scripture” (aka 1 John 4) and the ending of that chapter really hit home… Verse 20 says, “…for the person who does not love his brother that he has seen cannot love the God he has not seen.” Whoa. I really didn’t think of it that way. If we choose to hate/dislike someone we are basically denying the opportunity to fully embrace God. He is love and if we can’t walk in love with one another how can we truly say we have love? Or how can we truly say we believe in God who IS LOVE??!! We have to learn to humble ourselves and have the mindset of loving no matter what.

When we continue to act in love, it will become a habit… We can’t overthink it. We just gotta do it.