Complacent Love

Recently I’ve been in a weird space… 
There is a lot going on in my life and at the same time, nothing at all…
I’ve become numb. Numb to the place that I’m in, numb to the faces I meet… just NUMB.
That’s no way to end 2015 or start 2016 but to tell you the honest truth that’s where I’ve been. 

I’ve taken some time this month to figure out why I felt the way I did when I wrote the above paragraph. I realized, I had become complacent in my love life (I know what you’re thinking but, NO not the romantic kind). I mean my love life with others, myself and God. I was content with where I was in life. I was happy in my little bubble. I have my friends, my family, work. I’m fine. LIES.

I built a wall, trying to protect MY life. The wall did nothing more than stop me from seeing those around me and myself. It was easy to build a wall because, since we’re speaking candidly, love is not convenient. Love doesn’t just happen. There has to be some sort of exchange. There has to be a sacrifice. Sacrifice seems like such an UGLY word! That’s why I built the wall. Honestly, it was selfish. I wanted to protect my life and everything that I had. I wanted to make sure that I would not lose out or get hurt. Because of the wall, I did.

I failed to realize that there were people that needed my love and that I needed the same from others. We all have something to offer the world. YOU have something to offer the world. Don’t ever forget it!

Complacent love SUCKS, you are just going through the motions. There is no true meaning behind what you’re doing. You begin to lose sight of life. A life without love is… well numb. When we become complacent not only are we hurting those around us, we are hurting ourselves! We are unable to walk in true freedom because of the walls we’ve built. Here at turnmylifeup, we believe that love is a breaking force! If you let it, it will knock your walls down.

I’ve made the decision to daily remind myself about the importance of letting others in and being there for others. Love can change the world if we let it. But first it can change us as individuals. Instead of seeing life through a brick wall, I can experience it. I can walk with others who see life differently than I. I get to see life in different colors, not just black and white. That’s what love does, it enhances life.

Good Bye, complacent love! Hello, life!

Peace and Love