Do you ever think about all the lives you could have changed if you stayed committed?

When I say committed, I don’t mean just in a certain area of life. I mean staying committed to relationships in your life. Becoming about others is a part of humanity and is one of the many reasons we were created! We were created because of relationship. We need one another!

The meaning of selflessness is having little or no concern for oneself.

It took me a while to understand that I needed to  put my selfish ambitions and goals to the side. Now, don’t get me wrong, continue doing what you are passionate about but don’t forget about those around you. When you finally accomplish everything that you have been dreaming of, who will be there to celebrate with you? Think about the people in your circle, the people you love & everyone beyond that. Allowing people to join you on your journey doesn’t just affect you, it helps to plant seeds in those around you. Being selfless is being rooted in trust. Do you trust those around you enough to let down your walls? When you let down those walls, others will begin to let theirs down. If it’s only about you, who’s life will you change? You won’t leave a mark on society, the people around you or those who need you the most if you don’t include them!

I was reading an article and it said only 8% of our entire world accomplishes their New Year Resolutions. One of the questions asked repeatedly was “why do people fail at reaching their goals”?

I believe it is because of a lack of commitment. I don’t just mean in our actions but also in the act of being selfless. If you are trying to reach your goals on your own, let your walls down. Trust others! Let people be invested in your life. We fall because we are not able to commit to one another. Love is the mission. Love is commitment.  You can’t beat love with any word, you can’t kill it with any weapon, and you can’t change it with any movement. Love is… love. Invest in others and let others invest in you. Watch what will happen with your dreams!

Not only will you accomplish your dreams but you will have new motivation behind why you are doing it. Selflessness will not only build trust but it will give you new vision. Your focus will no longer be on self but on watching others become everything they desire. It will out-weigh the fame/recognition you were looking for when you were trying to do it alone.

Being selfless is saying that you will: stay committed to love, stay committed to trust and stay committed to others.
That kind of commitment will change the world!