Cloud Nerd

Hi, I’m Jenny and I’m a cloud nerd.
Yes, I said it! I’m a cloud nerd… Haha.
I love watching the skies and seeing what wonderful things they can shift into quickly. There are only a few scattered clouds and then almost instantly giant huge glorious ones that take your breath away. I get wrapped up in thunderstorms developing and drive long distances just to get a better view of the white fluffy works of art!
I believe I hear the Lord through those clouds sometimes. Like they almost speak to my soul. Sounds crazy I know. But it’s not an audible conversation it is more like a burst of joy, awe, and wonder all mixed up in my heart. I sometimes find myself  searching images of clouds where people have claimed they have seen God or heavenly shapes in the unknown above. Or just looking at glorious pictures of the wonderful magical skies. Scripture even reveals several times about God showing up in a cloud (Exodus, 1 Kings, Thessalonians, Revelations to name a few.) Even the book of Job talks about how beautiful He sculpts the clouds in detail and shines His light through them.

Don’t get me wrong the blue clear skies are pretty too. The smooth transition of colors as the sun comes up, the different shades of blue throughout the day as the sun changes its angles, and then again the tranquil change in colors as the sun goes back down. It’s absolutely radiant and still yet to be completely perfected by any artist in my own opinion.

However, I realized that when the clouds are present in those pretty blue skies that the beauty of the heavenly above is so much more intense. It reflects more glory within those clouds, lines, and movements. It’s because the light of the sun catches all angles and accentuates different areas that otherwise may not have been seen. Such detail and magnificence just in front of you! It amazes me!

The best times are when the dark storm clouds start building up, but the sun is still shining in the middle of the day. You can see the bright whites and yellows begin to contrast so strong with the darker areas. And it shines so much brighter right up against the dark. As if it’s chasing the dark away. The picture below shows what I am talking about in detail. This particular scene had me so pulled in with complete amazement that I had to pull over on the side of the road to get a better view. I didn’t want to just see it in passing. I wanted to fully take in its glory. I was so in awe that it physically brought me to tears. Overwhelming unexpected tears while soaking in all the visual details. It was in that moment with tears running down my face in abundance that I finally had a revelation in why I loved the skies. I heard in my heart “that’s you.”


Now it’s hard to imagine that I (you, we) could be like clouds, but it finally made so much sense. See the clear blue skies represent the calmed, peaceful, simple joy times in our lives with no darkness or reason to fear. However, the clouds that begin to form are just like storms in our lives. Sometimes they are small and come and go with not much concern and they are over quickly. Other times they are bigger than imaginable and life changing. Matter of fact they are so big that we cannot see the beauty of the light in it for fear of the upcoming danger. Yet it depends on, which way we are looking at the storm. If you only look at the dark, dreary, gloomy side of the storm you could be engulfed with fear, doubt, and wavering faith. But if you keep your eyes on the light with in the storm you can remain constant in knowing you are safe, you are protected, you will make it through the storm. God never said we would not have storms in life, but He did say He would never leave us nor forsake us. And once the storm is over you have nothing, but the sunshine and radiant beams of light that shine all around you as the clouds begin to clear out. Suddenly you can appreciate the greater part of the light so much more now than you ever could before the storm came.

I hear from the Lord in my heart…. “The storms in your life only enhance the glory of my grace and the light of my presence in your life. Even when it’s scary, dark, and you’re not clear as to what you are looking at or looking for. I am still in the middle of your storm. Matter of fact the storms in your life have created a particular type of character in you that holds others in awe of how you made it through. You can relate to others who are weathering the same type of storms and give them guidance on how to get through. You can even rejoice with them when they come out of their storms. And always remember as you sit in awe just looking at the skies that I created for you, that I sit in awe over you as YOU are my creation, my son, my daughter, my beloved. You are MINE.

God bless you….
(p.s. I bet you start looking at the skies a little more today )