Begin With You

Loving yourself is one of the most personal loves. The most intimate love. The most long-suffering, most enduring, most trying, most whimsical love. This love should be the strongest love in your life right below the love for God! How do you show others genuine love without first knowing love yourself? It begins with you. If you hate yourself you are going to carry a degree of that hate into every single relationship that you have whether you recognize it or not. Because it’s a part of WHO YOU ARE.

I used to think loving yourself was selfish. I thought I had enough love to give everyone else and had no need to worry about myself.

However the real truth is… NOT loving yourself is VERY selfish!!! 

It’s because then you walk into new relationships, partnerships, or associations with this underlying piece of you that you’ve hidden because you hate it. It keeps you from being 100 percent you, which short changes others from having a full relationship with you.

The more I get to know people, the more I realize that I love who they are. All their flaws, differences, and unique traits make them an individual.

Now I do have to say, I’m not talking about the sin in our lives that we wish we could change… No, no, no that’s not the topic of this discussion. I’m talking about the things in our lives that we just can’t stand! The way we look, the way we talk,  the way we move,  the way we walk,  the way we share with others, the way we reflect on things, the way we processes stuff, the way we laugh at things, the way we cry at things…the list could keep going and going. Some of these things are things people can’t stand about themselves. The truth is without these things you wouldn’t be who you are today. You would be somebody else.

STOP looking at the reflections of other people that are surrounding you and start looking at the image that stands directly before you in the mirror.

So how do you start this thing called self-love?

Honestly, it’s going to take self-analyzation of what you really think of yourself in the first place. Sit down and figure out what you like about yourself, what you love about yourself, and what you hate about who you are.

And from that point, it becomes a mission. A daily mission. A long-term mission to see yourself as the beautiful creation you were meant to be.


Ready. Get set. Go!

Day #1- “I love me”