004. Be Intentional // 26 Things

This video hits me HARD! And like the title says we are talking about being intentional. When I started this journey I realized that life just happened to me. I was tired of it so I decided to start planning. It has been a journey and I have been taking control of my life step by step. I encourage you to check out my girl Rashida's series called "Focus Friday". She really helped me get even better this year at getting focused and being intentional! Peace and Love! -Bosa

003. Use What's In Your Hand // 26 Things

In this video we discuss using all your gifts. Whatever it may be big or small. God can do the IMPOSSIBLE with obedience. At Turn My Life Up we say "Love is the Mission. Freedom is the Vision". We believe that as you walk in love, you become free and as you become free, you help others be free. As you freely use your gifts just like Moses you will help free others simply by using what's in your hand! Peace and love! -Bosa

001. Busy vs Productive // 26 Things

Here's vid one in our new series "26 Things"! In this video I share on what I've learned about the difference between being productive and being busy. Just sharing my journey with you guys! Thanks for coming along. Make sure you Subscribe here and be on the look out so you can SUBSRCIBE to my (Bosa's) personal YouTube for vlogs and other vids. Thanks for joining in with with the TMLU fam!

Peace and Love


FOCUSED FRIDAY | 007. be real with yourself

Hope you are well 😊 Real quick, I want to say I've been enjoying writing these posts and I’ve been learning with you all... but I’ve noticed these posts can be really long! For the people who don’t like reading these long posts but still want all the details... you can have your phone read them to you! SERIOUSLY! If you don’t know how to do this already, just search on YouTube - 'Have Your Phone Read to You' and let your mind get blown!

Lets jump into Step 5b! And this is going to require you to dig deep inside and be real with yourself about how many things and projects you are actually doing.

Step 5b is simply: Calculate how much time you take doing your every day tasks and then revise the items you planned to do in your Two Week Goals accordingly. 

I will be candid for a moment and let you guys know that I can only effectively work on 3 projects during a two week period at a time. I may write out 5 or 8 or 10 but over the past year I’ve seen that usually I only get 3 projects completed every two weeks.

Now some people may say... well ‘Rashida, its not realistic for you to think you should only do 3 projects at a time. You can do more than that!  The more that you are able to take on the more productive you can be.’

Eh... I think differently about the latter statement. 

Why? One reason is because I’ve chosen to be honest with myself. As I've worked on developing myself during this last year there are people who have shared with me, “You can do more than 1-3 things at a time!” 

And maybe in the future, I will be able to do more... But for right now, realistically this is what I can produce! And if you ask me to do something, this will be the reality of where I am at developmentally at the moment.

And I could pick up a bunch of random tasks and force myself to do above and beyond what I’m actually capable of but I’ve been doing that for 24 years (literally since I was like 5-6 committing to more than I could handle) and frankly I’m tired of pretending to look successful 🤷🏾‍♀️ 

Over the past...11 years I’ve seen small businesses, non-profits and people who seem to be successful!

Let’s just look at this from a business perspective a company that is taking on more than they can handle may be successful from the outward appearance… but behind the scenes they are carrying 50-100 projects SIMULTANEOUSLY 😱 and they don’t have the man power to carry these projects out! They don’t even know they are spreading themselves too thin! Often times when I talk with people who are employed by these organizations the employees are super stressed but trying to keep it together in front of their bosses so they can keep their jobs.

What is the end result of a business taking on more than they can actually handle?

Frustrated employees. Missed deadlines. Or just being late with everything. Double booking. Frustrated leadership. Inconsistent production. Frustrated customers!! Which leads to refunds. Which leads to negative cash flow. Then loosing customers. Bad reviews on Google Maps, Yelp!, etc. A ‘fake it until you make it’ mentality. I mean, the list could go on and on. 

These organizations/people don’t even know how much they are loosing in production and productivity every single DAY.

One simple solution to all of this... BE REAL WITH YOURSELF AND ABOUT YOUR CURRENT RESOURCES! (When I say resources here, I am only referencing your time.) Stop performing where you’d like to be — and start performing based on where you are... right now!

And truthfully... God honors this with grace. He empowers the seemingly small obedient actions you are doing right now to produce way more than you expected to receive. This is what I witnessed in the past year! This is what I’ve been calling this effortless success. 

Steps to taking account of what you are really doing with your time:

1. Take a survey of how you currently spend your time from day to day.

There are two ways to do this. 1) Take some time to Brainstorm and write down a detailed list of what you do every hour of every day from Sunday to Saturday each week. This is the faster of the two options, however, I have trouble remembering such details about my day/week so I went with the second option —> 2) Take a week or two to complete a Time Map. This option will take much effort and will take you 1-2 weeks to complete (depends on how long you decide to do this), but it is so worth it! Here is a link to a time map and a lesson from Terri Savelle Foy where she shares tips on how to maximize your time. I did this myself and it was a major shock for me to see how I actually spend my time day to day. All you would need to do is for 1-2 weeks time literally write down everything you do every hour on the hour ... whatever that may be. You can print this out and fill it out every hour on the hour or you can download an app on your phone that will allow you to update this spreadsheet every hour. I have an iPhone and I use Apple’s App called Numbers. I imagine you could also use Google Drive to write out your time map. 

2. Write out how long (in hours) it will take you to complete each of the projects that you have on your Two Week Goals.


3 Look at your time survey/Time Map you wrote out and be real with yourself — are you really going to have time to complete all of the tasks/projects you have listed on your Two Week Goals? 

If you are not able to do all you’ve planned: give yourself permission to revise your Two Week Goals to something that is way more realistic for you — no one is holding you to completing any outrageous goals that you have set for yourself! I would even be so bold to say that not even God is demanding that you do something outside of what you can truly accomplish. (... but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. -1 Corinthians 10:13) So it's okay to change things to be more suitable for you if need be. 

I believe God had me to do this post after you have already set your goals because you may be like me and think you can accomplish way more than they actually can which leads to frustration that leads to you feeling defeated! Which is totally unnecessary. 

Just be real with yourself!

If you aren’t able to accomplish as much as you’d like to ... that’s fine! It may take a lot longer for you to get to a certain place you thought you’d get to faster. And that’s fine too! Think of it this way — at least you are getting there! With minimal stress! 

So your Homework 📚

Do these steps!! If you plan on doing the Time Map... take this next week to do your Time Map.

That’s it for now, peeps!
Love you guys!

-Rashida Jackson


FOCUSED FRIDAY | 006. pause and reflect

We hope you are enjoying these videos! No matter when you are watching we believe God is helping set a foundation for you leading into whatever season you are stepping into.

This week we are taking time to pause! If you're a little behind in the process take this week as a catch up week. We really want you to be at a place where your goals are properly broken down and actually helping you to produce.

In this video Rashida shares one of the goals she set for herself last year and how she and her husband accomplished the goal in just 3 weeks! 

Stay tuned for more content from Turn My Life Up!

FOCUSED FRIDAY | 005. break it down


"Once I envision where I’m going, then I can tell what I don’t need." -TD Jakes

Hello everyone!

Hope you had a beautiful Friday today ❤️ ❤️

Okay today getting down to the nitty gritty!! So let's get started.

Wealth gained quickly will dwindle away, but the one who gathers it little by little will become rich. -Proverbs 13:11

Here’s a revelation that was actually shared with me by Terry D Houston II of Different World Ministries. Obviously, this scripture is talking about actual money but let’s just pull a principle out of this scripture by focusing on this part: “but the one who gathers it little by little will become rich.” 

Whenever I think of this scripture, I think of how God has been teaching me to focus. 

In 2016, Eric and I both served in ministry. I served full time in ministry. Full time ministry is really like double full time jobs sometimes - especially in my situation - I woke up at like 7 am worked from like 10a-10p and didn't go to sleep until maybe 11p-12a almost every night. To me, it looked like we had ZERO time to achieve goals!

But at that time I thought that I needed a great mass of time to achieve goals. And, really, I didn't. Actually, I had an opportunity of speaking at University of Houston in April 2017 was because I began to wake up every morning 1 hour early in 2016 so that I could work on a website and send emails to college Christian group leaders. Even if it was just 20 minutes that I got to work on it, I was 20 minutes closer to my goal of putting on the full production of my play.

Yes, I felt like I was going S U P E R slow and nothing was happening. 

BUT actually after taking those baby steps to make arrangements to speak at the college has actually opened up a door for someone to help me the production of the play which is AWESOME! But it would have never happened IF I didn't work little by little to make things happen. 

Not all goals will just magically or even supernaturally just pan out without any effort from you. 

God's part is the supernatural. 

Your part is doing the little steps whatever God gives you to work towards that goal or dream. 

Step 5: Little by little Planning

So step 5 is actually two parts. The first part — which we will call Step 5a in this post — is what God taught me after I watched a webinar of Todd Herman talk about a strategy for productivity that he likes to call a Two Week Sprint.

Here is what you will do to accomplish Step 5a:

1. Identify the ONE goal you believe God wants you to accomplish right NOW

If you're anything like me, read that one more time and let it sink in because you're probably going to want to accomplish like 10 goals at once... which you might get to the point that you can multiple goals at one time ... but for now JUST PICK ONE... UNO .... ☝️one goal. And that's all we're going to focus on.

2. Write out every project/task you think you need to take to accomplish this ONE goal. 

Every goal has Projects. And Todd Herman defines projects as tools that you use to achieve your goals. If you don't know all the steps to complete don't stress about it, just write the ones you do know.

3. Determine how many projects you can realistically accomplish in two weeks time (more on how to determine what you can do will come in the post about Step 5b).

4. Specify EXACTLY what you'd like to see or have done/completed once these two weeks are over. It is important for this to be TANGIBLE - when you finish this you and other people need to see that you accomplished this goal. 


For my example, I will use the steps of how we went to the Next Conference this year. 

1. How I identified the ONE goal to focus on: One of my first goals this year was to go to Terri Savelle Foy's Next Conference and it was on January 20-21 - I think. It was around January 1st when I got this revelation I just taught you all about. So when I went to apply this revelation, I immediately knew what GOAL I needed to focus on and complete by January 14 which was going to the Next Conference. 

2. How we identified all the steps: I don't think we had ALL the steps, but I wrote out as much as I knew and the two major things were writing out a budget and attaining our two tickets to the Next Conference. (BTW there were also simple and quick things that we needed to do to prepare we did before this step like reserving the hotel room and rental car, etc. However, the steps I'm naming here were major projects as needed to do in order to go).  

3 & 4. How we identified how many projects to do within two weeks time & what we wanted to have completed after two weeks: We decided to release our faith to have our tickets purchased for the Next Conference in two weeks our hands. So our other projects we needed to accomplish was the vision God gave us which were to: 

          • asking our friends to sponsor via sponsorship letters, 
          • making a mini vision board to pray over everyday, 
          • mediating and calling in those tickets as well as our hotel room
          • etc. 

By the way, ALL  of these projects were completely accomplished in two weeks time because we had a clear focus!

It seemed IMPOSSIBLE! But to my surprise when we were very, very clear about what we wanted - God made it very clear what all was need for us to do and we did it - and the results appeared. 

Homework 📚 

Do the all the steps for Step 5a! 

Easy peasy!!!!

And that's it! Love you guys 😊 and I look forward to posting about part 5b next week! 

-Rashida Jackson


FOCUSED FRIDAY | 004. motivation to continue


Happy FRIDAY lovely people! 

Did you know that people who are multitasking - may be able to accomplish tasks faster BUT they actually produce less than people who have decided develop the skill of focus?!


I learned this on Michael Hyatt’s Lead to Win podcast - Episode 3


This week we are going to be focusing on breaking down your yearly goals so we can start working on achieving them!


So - usually after people write out their goals for the year. Here’s some of what may happen...

- They feel all warm and fuzzy and excitedly look forward to the great year they’ve planned. 

- They put the list in a notebook they more than likely will never look at again until the following new year.

- Eventually they give up. (There is actually a day to celebrate giving up on your New Years Resolutions … WOW!)

- They get frustrated and complain that goal setting doesn’t work and some may talk about others who are achieving their dreams. 

From what I’ve seen this seems to repeat every new year for A LOT of people. And, no lie... some of these things I listed describes some things I have done a few years ago!! And I’m seeing more and more that most people think that successfully fulfilling God’s dreams for your life just kinda happens 🤷🏾‍♀️ which is not true all the time. Then, this leads to severe frustration!


We do NOT want to see that happen! So here’s Step 4 in going after your God Given Dreams:

Break the goals up over quarters for the entire year!

It’s simple but if you’re anything like me this step can be challenging also... because I want all of my goals to be worked on like right now. But the truth is - if you’re attention is stretched across 20+ different tasks you aren’t really being productive. You’re just really busy without any focus. And you’d be amazed to know how many miscellaneous and unnecessary tasks and projects you can be (and are actually) working on when you don’t have any clearly defined goals! 

At the end on 2016, I got an email about a guy named Todd Herman  and his 90 Day Year online webinars. In these webinars, he basically began to break down his key to success — and that key was not in setting goals for the year but setting goals for only 90 days.

This is important because people like to see the fruits of their labor very quickly nowadays. Especially in today’s society where people like their food, internet and cars super fast! And I think that’s why dieting and exercising are given up on so easily... they don’t see results fast enough! And the pain from exercising and developing a new  discipline screams louder than the gradual results they can’t see yet.

I’ll touch base in the following weeks on how to break these things down even further but for now I will show how the Lord lead me to break up my goals last year:

-Go to the Next Conference 2017
-Set date/speak at one college sharing my testimony and showing a recording of my play. 
-Change diet for health goal/get all supplements, tools, food, etc. needed

-Work on my husbands business goals
-Work on income ideas to begin saving for vehicle

-Furnish apartment
-Get a vehicle!
-Prep to bring nieces to Icing 2017

-Take nieces to Icing
-Work on podcast idea

I don’t know if you can tell but each one of these goals line up with one of the 10 goals the Lord had me to set on Jan 1, 2017.

Also, notice there are no more than 3 goals within a quarter so I had room in my schedule to do other things.

For the most part, with God’s help we have stayed on course to achieve each of these things within the specified timeframes. Our part was to write the vision, make it plan, and I focused on exactly what God wanted me to work on during each of these seasons... He did the rest! Definitely not saying it was a nice walk on a beach (there were some days I felt like giving up and there were challenges also) BUT everyday I am seeing it all was well worth the faith journey.

Homework 📚 

So your homework is to simply just do what I’ve shared in this email for you all to do— break up your goals over the course of this next year. Feel free to share if you are led to!!!

I look forward to sharing with you again you guys next week!

With love,


Prayer Project | Pastors and Church Leaders

2018 is going to be nuts! We are excited. We believe God is shifting things in such a major way. Join us in praying for our Pastors and Church leaders. We are thankful for all they do and as this change occurs our prayer for them is WISDOM! Join us in praying this week! #PrayerIsMajor


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